The most advanced & effective soft starter for all A/C Applications

Normal A/C compressor motors soar during startup, often drawing 4 to 6 times the normal running current. This can cause generator stalls, breakers to trip, lights to dim, or some inverters to simply not work. In worse case scenarios, it could even damage other devices connected to your electrical system.

Why take the risk?

EasyStart™ is the best-in-class soft starter for single-phase motors operating at 115-240VAC/50-60Hz, only available from Micro-Air.  With unmatched performance and compressor-protection features, it allows you to start your air conditioner on a limited power source, such as a generator, inverter or reduced utility hookup, when it otherwise would not have been possible.

EasyStart™ Key Benefits:

  • Start your A/C without buying a second or bigger generator or inverter
  • Run 2 A/C units on a 30-Amp Cord
  • Sleep with less noise and stay cool through the night
  • Run your A/C with more appliances at the same time
  • Enhanced fault detection to protect the compressor
  • IP65 weatherproof enclosure

Popular applications include RV Rooftop A/Cs, marine A/Cs and chillers, residential and commercial A/Cs, refrigeration equipment, and high-horsepower pump motors. As a distributor for Micro-Air, we at Sylvan Lake RV are here to help! We can get you set up with the right EasyStart™ for your situation.


EasyStart™ 364 (3-ton) Soft Starter

Available Models:

  • X20-IP: for RV A/C units (115V only)
  • X36-IP: for Standard A/C units
  • E36-IP: for Refrigeration & Ice Maker
  • T36-IP: for Refrigeration & Small A/C (<9K)

Special Features:

  • Capable of supporting up to a 36000 BTU (3 ton) compressor

EasyStart™ 368 (6-ton) Soft Starter

Available Models:

  • X72-IP: for RV A/C units (115V only)

Special Features:

  • Capable of supporting both 115 and 230VAC motors
  • Capable of supporting up to a 72000 BTU (6 ton) compressor

EasyStart™ 366 (board-only) Soft Starter

Available Models:

  • X05: 3 ton
  • X06: 6 ton


  • A board only solution aimed at OEM and commercial installers with experience designing the enclosure
  • Requires the user to properly install the board, wiring, enclosure and capacitors


Ordering your Mirco-Start EasyStart has never been easier. Simply contact the Sylvan Lake RV Parts Department and we will get back to you with the information you need to start soft starting!!